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Together, we help everyone with limb loss/difference achieve their fullest potential.

About Us

Amp'd started as a podcast that focused on issues of interest to the limb loss/limb difference (LL/D) community. Since then, it has evolved into a much broader collection of activities, tools and resources for individuals with LL/D, including: (1) a crowd-sourced "Amputee Bill of Rights" created by the community; (2) legislative and regulatory initiatives; (3) health insurance appeal tools; (4)   healthcare tools; and (5) a prosthetic product encyclopedia. Now, with this Amp'd Army Community tool, we are bringing individuals with LL/D together so that they can provide each other important information and support in a variety of areas, including professional/career mentoring and caring for individuals with LL/D. whether you are their parent or child. At Amp'd, we work together to help all people in the LL/D community live to their fullest potential.

Amp'd Army Groundrules

Treat everyone who is part of the Amp'd Army with respect.

No promotion of specific products or prosthetists here.

Abuse of any kind will result in dishonorable discharge from the Amp'd Army.

Thank You!

Everything Amp'd has achieved is because of you. It is an honor to be a part of this community. We thank you for everything you have given us, and we hope the Amp'd Army gives you even more back.